November 2017



1.         Attendance and Apologies


Cllr.   Russell Pearce – Chair
Cllr. Ann Lambert
Cllr. David Childs
Cllr. John Walford
Cllr. Susan Hall
Cllr. Val Kelsey
Cllr. Ian ShawCllr.   John Sutherell


Apologies for   absence:Cllr.   Paul Ashton – written and accepted
Cllr. Stephen Siddall – written and accepted
In attendance:

Sharon   Smith – Clerk/RFO
County Cllr. Richard Smith
District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes


  1. 2.         Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests



3.         Public Forum


a)         A member of the public asked the Council to raise a question at the Sizewell C Community Forum, to be held later this month, about the impact of traffic congestion in Yoxford and to ask EDF Energy to conduct a proper traffic survey of the area.
ACTION: Clerk to circulate invitation to the Sizewell C Community Forum to Councillors again.

b)         A member of the public informed the Council that she requested the Highways department to cut back the verge and pathway from the village to the railway station at Darsham but Highways replied that no remedial action was necessary at this stage. For the past three years, the Parish Council have pressed Highways to do this work as the pathway is so overgrown in places it is becoming impossible to navigate and pedestrians with pushchairs and wheelchair users are being forced on to the busy A12.  County Cllr. Richard Smith agreed to ask Highways to review the situation again.


c)         County Cllr. Richard Smith said he visited Yoxford and Peasenhall Primary School to find out the school’s strengths and where they might need support.  Cllr. Smith also spoke about his planned activities for Remembrance Sunday and the Sizewell C Community Forum where he will fully support Yoxford’s concerns about traffic.  Cllr. Smith concluded by updating the Council on the County Council budget which will be published on 14th November.  There is a £3 million gap therefore they must draw upon reserves to balance the books.


d)         District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes summarised his report which had been previously circulated.  Cllr. Burroughes said his grant funding for the new noticeboard for the Village Hall was being processed.  In relation to the overgrown footway to the train station, Cllr. Burroughes said partnership working was key and insurance may be available from the County Council to enable Parish Council’s to carry out minor work.  However, if issues are dangerous or urgent the County Council will do what they can.
ACTION: County Cllr. Richard Smith to ascertain provision of insurance.


  1. 4.         Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 5th October 2017 were proposed by Cllr. Ann Lambert and seconded by Cllr. John Walford.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

5.         Matters Arising




6.         Councillors’ Meetings and Progress Reports


a)         Village Hall – the committee are looking into indemnity insurance and the possibility of becoming incorporated to provide more financial protection.  Incorporation requires six trustees but will not change the Village Hall’s charitable status.  The Christmas Fayre, on Saturday 9th December, will have a Roman theme.  Council to consider its involvement at the Fayre.
ACTION: Clerk to add Christmas Fayre to next month’s agenda.


b)         Church – grateful thanks to Cllr. Ian Shaw and the Yoxford Volunteers for clearing the churchyard.  Also to Suffolk Coastal Norse who have played their part.  The PCC will consider the architect’s report on the rear of the church and the chapel at their next meeting.


c)         Police – lead theft from churches in Suffolk is on the rise again.  St Peter’s has an alarm fitted, which should help, but any suspicious activity around the church should be alerted to the police and/or the Church Warden.


d)         Flagship – repairs to the fence are required again.  There has been no progress on the football field.
ACTION: Cllr. John Sutherell to report fence damage to Flagship.


e)         Work Party – the bulk of the work in the churchyard is complete with some remaining debris to clear.
ACTION: Cllr. Russell Pearce offered to remove debris.


7.         Councillor Vacancy
No applications were received for the Councillor vacancy.


8.         Village


a)         The Council considered a request to purchase and site a bench at the bus stop near the vicarage on High Road.  It was agreed that the footway is too narrow to accommodate a bench and allow pedestrians to pass by.  Fold-up seats were considered and the possibility of re-siting the bus stop nearer to a bench outside the church which is on a wider part of the footway and more central to the village.  County Cllr. Richard Smith offered a grant from his Locality Budget to purchase a bench if required.
ACTION: Clerk to research options.
b)         The Council agreed to support the following planning applications:

DC/17/4045/FUL Erection   of a pre-fabricated granny annexe for ancillary residential use associated   with the dwelling 3   Mill Cottages, Main Road
DC/17/4389/TCA 30%   crown reduction from a mature Ash tree in the rear garden Grove   Cottage, Old High Road
DC/17/4432/TCA To   remove seven trees and reduce three trees around the property Vine   Cottage, Old High Road


ACTION: Clerk to inform the Planning department enclosing the Tree Warden’s report.


  1. 9.         Administration


The Council approved and adopted a Model Disciplinary Procedure and Model Disciplinary Rules.


  1. 10.       Finance

a)         The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix II.


b)         The Council agreed to pay for mulled wine for the Village Hall Christmas Fayre.


c)         The Council approved the bank reconciliation for Qtr 2 2017.


d)         The Council authorised the payments listed below.  Proposed by Cllr. Val Kelsey. Seconded by Cllr. David Childs.  All were in favour.

Details Payee Amount Power
Clerk’s Salary Sharon Smith £314.81 LGA   1972 s.112
Clerk’s   PAYE HMRC £102.07 LGA   1972 s.111
Clerk’s   Expenses Sharon   Smith £5.40 LGA   1972 s.111
Grass   Cutting RSC   Landscapes Ltd £309.60 LGA   1972 s.111
Water   Bill NWG   Business £53.78 LGA   1972 s.111
Ridgeons   – Paint and Brushes Ian   Shaw £17.88 LGA   1972 s.111


11.       Correspondence


The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 8th October 2017 and 28th October 2017 detailed in Appendix III. 


  1. 12.       Questions to the Chair




  1. 13.       Date and Time of Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Council will be held on Thursday 7th December 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8:00 pm.




Appendix I – Outstanding Actions


Meeting   Date

Item Ref




03/08/17 6g Summarise the changes to the Data Protection   legislation. Clerk
05/10/17 5d Follow   up with SCDC about hedge cutting at Culcott Close.  Clerk


7b Follow   up with Planning Enforcement Officer about mobile home at 7 Strickland Manor   Hill. Clerk




Appendix II – Financial Position

Bank Balances  
HSBC Community Account as at 6 October 2017


N S & I Investment Account as at 31 December 2016


United Trust Bank as at 31 July 2017




Allocated Funds and Reserves  
SMH Play Area (including interest to 31 Mar 2016)








Bank Balances less Allocated Funds and Reserves



Income – November 2017  
Memorial Headstone – Wheatley


Payments – November 2017  
Sharon Smith – Clerk’s Salary


Sharon Smith – Clerk’s Expenses


HMRC – Clerk’s PAYE


RSC Landscapes – Grass Cutting


NWG – Water Bill


Ian Shaw – Paint and Brushes



Net Balance




Appendix III – Correspondence

a)         EDF Energy – Sizewell B Community Newsletter – September 2017.
b)         SALC – Weekly Information Bulletin – 2nd, 16th October 2017.
c)         SCDC – Coastline Lite – Autumn 2017.
d)         SALC – Finance for Councillors Training Course.
e)         Suffolk Preservation Society – Suffolk View Magazine.
f)          NHS – information for local people (posted on noticeboards).
g)         Temporary Traffic Regulation Notice – B1122 Level Crossing – 28th – 29th October 2017.
h)         East Suffolk DC – Parliamentary Constituency Boundary Review.
i)          SALC – Latest LAIS 1405 – Councillor Disqualification and SALC response.
j)          SALC – Precept Consultation – SALC response.
k)         SALC – Latest LAIS 1403 – Data Protection Bill.
l)          SALC – Latest LAIS 1404 – Right Homes Consultation and SALC response.
m)        East Suffolk DC – acknowledgement of receipt of Right to Bid application for Griffin Public House.
n)         Suffolk Preservation Society – Design Training for Consultees.


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