October 2017



1.         Attendance and Apologies


Cllr.   Russell Pearce – Chair
Cllr. Paul Ashton – Vice Chair
Cllr. David Childs
Cllr. John Walford
Cllr. Susan Hall
Cllr. Val Kelsey
Cllr. Ian ShawCllr.   Stephen Siddall
Cllr. John Sutherell


Apologies for   absence:Cllr.   Ann Lambert – written and accepted

County   Cllr. Richard Smith
District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes

In attendance:

Sharon   Smith – Clerk/RFO


The resignation of Cllr. Sam Hunt was noted.

ACTION: Clerk to notify the Returning Officer at SCDC to initiate the process of filling the vacancy.


  1. 2.         Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests



3.         Public Forum


Mr John McNamara, Sizewell C Community Relations Manager updated the Council on progress since the stage 2 consultation.  The analysis of the responses is nearing completion and the results, which are expected in November 2017, will be released via the Community Forum and a newsletter to 35,000 homes.  The Council questioned Mr McNamara on the further modelling work to be carried out on transport and the environment before the stage 3 consultation, the government agreement of the strike price for Sizewell C, the development of small modular reactors in the UK, the lessons learned since the construction of Hinkley Point C began, the timeliness of the final environmental impact assessment, the compensation package for local communities and the provision of a dedicated road for construction vehicles.


  1. 4.         Meeting Minutes

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 7th September 2017 were proposed by Cllr. John Walford and seconded by Cllr. Val Kelsey.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

5.         Matters Arising


a)         Cllr. John Sutherell, referring to item 5a, said he will clarify the issue of overgrown nettles before speaking to the owner.

b)         Cllr. Ian Shaw, referring to item 8c, said the previous First Responder is able to provide defibrillator training equipment.


c)         Cllr. Ian Shaw, referring to item 8d, said the planning department’s six week consultation period has begun and if there is no response by 17th October 2017 the pruning work in Mulberry Park may be carried out.


d)         The Clerk, referring to item 5b from the August 2017 meeting, said she would follow up with SCDC about hedge cutting at Culcott Close.


e)         Cllr. Russell Pearce followed up the remaining actions in the minutes and those that were not completed are detailed in Appendix I.


6.         Councillors’ Meetings and Progress Reports


a)         Yoxwood – the eco-toilet will be fitted with a handrail to assist disabled users.


b)         Griffin Public House – the application form to nominate the pub as an Asset of Community Value and the letter informing the owner have been completed.
ACTION: Clerk to send to SCDC and the owner.


c)         Village Sign – the Council considered formally applying for consent from SCC Highways to erect a sign advertising local businesses on the triangular area within the junction of the A12/A1120.   However, as it is likely to be rejected as the Traffic Signs Manual prohibits such signs, the Council agreed to look into sponsoring a brown tourist sign which will be permitted.


d)         Cemetery – there were two plot reservations, two interments and one memorial headstone this month.


e)         Village Hall – all are welcome at the AGM scheduled for 15th November 2017.  Building contractors are now licenced to access the school via the car park and they are fixing potholes when they occur.


f)          Church – the PCC are very grateful for the volunteers’ work in the churchyard and have bought gardening tools to help.  An architect has been appointed and is drawing up plans for the church interior.


g)         Police – three crimes were reported in August 2017.  A theft at the A12/Old High Road junction, a theft at the A12/B1122 junction and a burglary near the parking area in Darsham.  No suspects were identified.  Current police priorities are supporting mental health issues, vulnerable persons, persons excluded from society, domestic violence and young people.


h)         Traffic Task Group – the consultation period on the double yellow lines ended some time ago so an update will be sought.  The path from the village to Darsham rail station and the footpath to Saxmundham have still not been cleared.  The Council are considering writing to SCC’s Chief Executive with a copy sent to County Cllr. Richard Smith.


i)          Work Party – work is ongoing in the churchyard.  When the final cut of the grass is carried out the cuttings will be collected and taken away.  The cemetery railings are to be painted when the weather is fine.


7.         Village


a)         Cllr. Paul Ashton referred to his report, circulated prior to the meeting, which summarised the meeting he and Cllr. Stephen Siddall had with the District Council’s Planning Policy Team to discuss the Local Plan Issues and Options consultation document.  The Councillors described to the Planning Policy Team the issues Yoxford faces and the sort of changes they would like to see over the next 20 years.  The issues included the development of the village hall, the amount and type of housing development, public transport options including footpaths, telecommunications and children’s play facilities.
ACTION: Cllr. Paul Ashton to formulate a response to the consultation.


b)         The Council agreed to report the installation of a static mobile home in the back garden of 7 Strickland Manor Hill to the Planning Enforcement Officer and to Heritage Housing.
ACTION: Clerk to progress.


  1. 8.         Administration


a)         The Council agreed to delegate power to the Clerk in conjunction with the Chairman or one other Councillor to settle items of an urgent nature up to £500.
ACTION: Clerk to amend the Financial Regulations.


b)         To enhance the transparency of Parish Council business the Council agreed to publish a monthly news article in the Yoxmere Fisherman and to work towards meeting the online publication requirements of the Local Council Award Scheme.  The Council will also publish agendas and minutes on a new noticeboard to be sited outside the Village Hall.
c)         The Council approved and adopted a Complaints Policy subject to two amendments.
ACTION: Clerk to amend the Complaints Policy and publish on the website.


  1. 9.         Finance

a)         The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix II.


b)         The Council noted the budgeted versus actual income and expenditure for Qtr 2 2017.


c)         The Council approved an application for £299.09 from the Transparency Code Fund.
d)         The Council authorised expenditure of £22+VAT for the Clerk to attend a SALC briefing session on the General Data Protection Regulation.
e)         The Council authorised the payments listed below.  Proposed by Cllr. Stephen Siddall. Seconded by Cllr. David Childs.  All were in favour.

Details Payee Amount Power
Clerk’s   Salary Sharon   Smith £416.88 LGA   1972 s.112
Clerk’s   PAYE HMRC £1.80 LGA   1972 s.111
Grass   Cutting RSC   Landscapes Ltd £309.60 LGA   1972 s.111
Rent   – Jul/Aug/Sep 2017 Village   Hall £45.00 LGA   1972 s.111


11.       Correspondence


The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 2nd September 2017 and 7th October 2017 detailed in Appendix III. 


  1. 12.       Questions to the Chair




  1. 13.       Date and Time of Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Council will be held on Thursday 2nd November 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 8:58 pm.




Appendix I – Outstanding Actions


Meeting   Date

Item Ref




03/08/17 6g Summarise the changes to the Data Protection   legislation. Clerk
03/08/17 6h Copy notes from Councillors’ Training Event. Clerk




Appendix II – Financial Position

Bank Balances  
HSBC Community Account as at 8 September 2017


N S & I Investment Account as at 31 December 2016


United Trust Bank as at 31 July 2017




Allocated Funds and Reserves  
SMH Play Area (including interest to 31 Mar 2016)






 Bank Balances less Allocated Funds and Reserves



 Income – October 2017  
SCDC – Precept 2nd Instalment


HMRC – VAT Return


Memorial Headstone – Pearl Crane


Interment – Annie Wythe


Interment – James Johnson


Plot Reservation x 2 – Marjory and James   Johnson



Payments – October 2017  
Sharon Smith – Clerk’s Salary


HMRC – Clerk’s PAYE


RSC Landscapes – Grass Cutting


Village Hall – Jul/Aug/Sep 2017 Rent



Net Balance




Appendix III – Correspondence

a)         Cllr. Ian Shaw – Tree Works Acknowledgement – DC/17/3822/TCA
b)         Cllr. Ian Shaw – Past and Future – Yoxford Volunteers
c)         EDF Energy – Sizewell B Newsletter – August 2017.
d)         NHS in Suffolk – Latest Update.
e)         SC&WDC – Kelsale cum Carlton Neighbourhood Plan Consultation.
f)          TEAGS Report – September 2017.
g)         Sizewell A & B Stakeholder Group – September 2017.
h)         SALC AGM Invitation – 07/11/17.
i)          Suffolk Cloud – Website News.
j)          Cllr. Stephen Siddall/Clerk – emails to SCC regarding village signage.
k)         Yoxford Sports Group/Resident – emails regarding multi-use court.
l)          SC&WDC – Car Parking – Your Views Are Wanted.
m)        ESTA – Autumn News.
n)         SC&WDC – Neighbourhood Planning Advice from SCC.
o)         Office for National Statistics – Business Register and Employment Survey 2017.
p)         Greenprint Forum – Monthly E-News – September 2017.
q)         SALC – LAIS1402 – Latest Precept Consultation.
r)          SALC – Presentation by Highways to Suffolk Coastal Area Meeting.
s)         CAS – Suffolk Village Halls and Community Buildings Conference 2017 – New Date.
t)          SALC – Weekly Information Bulletin – w/c 25th September 2017.


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