May 2017

ON THURSDAY 4th MAY 2017 AT 7:00 PM


1.         Election of Chair and signing of Declaration of Office

Cllr. Russell Pearce was nominated by Cllr. John Walford and seconded by Cllr. Val Kelsey to remain in office as Chairman.  All members present voted in favour.  Cllr. Russell Pearce completed and signed the Declaration of Office and the Clerk signed as witness.

2.         Election of Vice-Chair

Cllr. Paul Ashton was nominated by Cllr. Ian Shaw and seconded by Cllr. David Childs to remain as Vice-Chairman.  All members present voted in favour.

3.         Attendance and Apologies

Cllr. Russell Pearce   – Chair
Cllr. Paul Ashton – Vice Chair
Cllr. John Sutherell
Cllr. Ian Shaw
Cllr. Stephen Siddall
Cllr. David Childs
Cllr. Val Kelsey
Cllr. Ann Lambert
Cllr. John Walford
Cllr. Susan Hall
Apologies   for absence:District Cllr. Stephen   Burroughes

In   attendance:

Sharon Smith – Clerk/RFO
5 members of the public



  1. 4.         Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests


There were no declarations.  Councillors were reminded of the requirement to update their Register of Interests as appropriate.
ACTION: Clerk to send SCDC link to Cllr. David Childs.

5.         Public Forum

a)         A member of the public said she was disappointed with Dr Therese Coffey’s report in the recent press about the Sizewell C stage 2 consultation.  The member of the public is concerned as Dr Coffey said she was not in favour of a roundabout or traffic lights at the A12/B1122 junction but she brought up the idea of a double roundabout without necessarily demolishing houses.  Cllr. John Walford replied that he had the original plans from Sizewell B and had studied the full consultation document for Sizewell C and all proposals did not need to demolish any houses.  Cllr. Walford said the site of the proposed roundabout had been moved closer to Darsham.  Cllr. Walford added that when Dr Coffey was canvassing with County Cllr. Richard Smith she was against the traffic control proposals for the A12/B1122 and the accommodation campus at Eastbridge.  She and Cllr. Smith were strong on the D2 option.  Cllr. Walford said that all the local parishes worked together to respond similarly to the stage 2 consultation and they were all against the proposed roundabout.  Cllr. Ian Shaw said Dr Coffey had asked why the D2 is not being considered and she had written a precis of the Council’s response.

b)         The same member of the public said the villagers were worried about losing Horner’s shop in the High Street.  Cllr. John Walford replied that the shop had been bought by Mr John Hunt who is aware that the shop is a village asset and therefore it will remain open.  The current tenant will remain and has a 3 year lease.  The member of the public said that when Cockfield Hall becomes a hotel, the main entry way will be beside Horner’s shop and she has concerns about the safety of pedestrians and the increase in traffic.  She added that if Sizewell C goes ahead there will further increases to traffic on this road.  Cllr. Russell Pearce said that the Council cannot comment as this time as it has not received a planning application.  He said that all planning applications are considered on their merits and members of the public are welcome to attend meetings and give their views.  Cllr. Val Kelsey added that the Council have no power to refuse planning applications, it can only give observations.

c)         A member of the public said he was aware that the Council have a spare dog waste bin.  He asked if it could be sited at the top of the footpath opposite Drum House as the path is very messy with fouling.
ACTION: Clerk to contact SCDC to ensure their refuse vehicle can access the location and to ask for signage.

6.         Councillor Vacancy

Cllr. Val Kelsey proposed that Sam Hunt be co-opted to fill the Council’s casual vacancy.  Cllr. Stephen Siddall seconded.  All were in favour.  Sam Hunt completed the Declaration of Acceptance of Office Form and the Clerk signed as witness.
ACTION: Clerk to inform SCDC of Sam Hunt’s appointment.

  1. 7.         Minutes of Meetings

a)         The minutes of the Annual Parish meeting held on Thursday 6th April 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. Ian Shaw and seconded by Cllr. John Walford.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

b)         The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 6th April 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. Stephen Siddall and seconded by Cllr. Val Kelsey.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

8.         Matters Arising

a)         Cllr. Paul Ashton, referring to item 7d, said he was unable to respond to Planning Aid England’s feedback survey as the deadline had passed.

b)         Cllr. Russell Pearce followed up the remaining actions in the minutes and those that were not completed are detailed in Appendix I.

9.         Councillors

a)         Meetings and Progress Reports

i)          Yoxwood – Cllr. David Childs reported that the Easter Egg Hunt was attended by 30 children and was a great success.

ii)         Griffin Public House – no update this month.

iii)        Cemetery – Cllr. John Walford said the grass cutter reported a gravestone had fallen over some time ago and was now broken into three pieces.  Cllr. John Walford inspected the gravestone and concluded it was frost damage.  The stone is very old and there is no family to contact.  Cllr. Walford said he had given the Clerk a copy of SCDC’s Cemetery Regulations to review.  Cllr. Walford concluded by reporting a memorial headstone had been sold last month.

iv)        Sizewell C – Cllr. John Walford reported that Hinkley Point C was progressing at a worryingly brisk pace.  The Clerk said EDF Energy’s Sizewell C Communications Manager, Tom McGarry, was scheduled to speak at Peasenhall Parish Council’s next meeting to be held on Wednesday 24th May at 7:00 pm.  It was agreed to invite Tom McGarry to speak at a future Yoxford Parish Council meeting.
ACTION: Cllr. John Walford to contact Tom McGarry.

v)         Village Hall – Cllr. Val Kelsey reported the Quiz Night and Ploughman’s Supper was very successful and raised much needed funds for the village hall.  Cllr. Kelsey said she had passed on the Council’s decision regarding the internet connection and the Committee will now contact BT.  Cllr. Kelsey also reported that the licence is under discussion regarding the construction and pedestrian access to the primary school.  Cllr. Kelsey concluded by informing the Council that there will be a village meeting regarding the new build on Saturday 20th May at 11 am.  She said it was important that as many people as possible attend in order to make decisions as to the way forward.

vi)        Church – Cllr. John Sutherell reported that a new architect had been recruited to review the plans for the church interior.  Cllr. Sutherell thanked everyone for their big effort in the churchyard on Saturday, where a combined work party of about a dozen people made a good start to the wildflower meadow. The contractors have agreed to dispose of the large pile of clippings.

vii)       Police – Cllr. John Sutherell reported that the Police and Crime Commissioner is holding meetings around the county and he would attend one of them.  Cllr. Sutherell said he will address his outstanding actions at this meeting.  Cllr. Sutherell reported that the online Crime Map showed two crimes were committed in Yoxford in February.  The first was criminal damage on Strickland Manor Hill but there is insufficient evidence to identify a suspect therefore this incident is closed.  The second crime was anti-social behaviour in Park Place and there are no further details.

viii)       Flagship – Cllr. Sutherell reported that he spoke to Lesley at Flagship and there were no current issues and no further problems with the new parking site.  Cllr. Sutherell said he was unable to reach Carla at Flagship for an update about the playing field.

ix)        Traffic Task Group – Cllr. Paul Ashton reported he had re-raised two issues to Highways but had not received a response.  The first was cutting back the skirting up to Darsham station and the second was the area of carriageway opposite Snips.  Cllr. Ashton said he had cut back the hedging on the B1122 to increase the visibility of the SID, which was not positioned where he had originally asked.  Cllr. Ashton said a meeting of the Task Group was scheduled for next week.  The Community Speed Watch team has not been very active lately due to people stepping down.  The Clerk informed Cllr. Ashton that the Highways office in Saxmundham is to be closed and the nearest office will now be in Halesworth.

x)         Village Survey – Cllr. Ashton said he would speak to District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes about the computer skills course.

xi)        Work Party – Cllr. Ian Shaw reported there was a good turn-out and a good mix of ages at the last Work Party day.  Work was undertaken at three sites with the main effort being clearing of debris from the corner at the Kings Head, tidying at Mulberry Park and helping in the churchyard.  Ivy was cleared from graves and trees and shrubs were trimmed.  It was agreed the next Work Party day would be held on Sunday 28th May at 10:00 am, meeting at Mulberry Park, to clean village street signs.

b)         The Council reviewed their appointments to liaise with outside bodies.  It was agreed to consider at the next meeting whether a member should be appointed to liaise with village businesses.  Cllr. Susan Hall agreed to regularly inspect the playgrounds and report any problems to the Council.
ACTION: Clerk to add to next month’s agenda.

10.       Yoxwood

a)         Cllr. Stephen Siddall informed the Council about the developments to the constitution of Yoxwood Steering Group (YSG).  He said they had agreed upon a simple structure and ensured it was a legal entity that can take a lease.  Cllr. Siddall is to draft a lease for their approval.  The lease will be in a modern form, using plain English and a peppercorn rent will be charged.  Cllr. Siddall recommended the length of the lease should be 50 years and he asked for the Council’s authority to proceed on that basis.  Cllr. Siddall added that YSG were happy with these terms, they still have one year remaining on their current lease, and if the group dissolves, the lease and all their assets will come back to the Council to be used for a similar purpose.  All were in favour.

b)         Cllr. Stephen Siddall informed the Council that previous minutes did not formally record an agreement for the Council to pay YSG’s legal fees in connection with the lease.  However, Cllr. Siddall said there is an understanding that the Council will pay their fees as they are taking a long lease which will need to be registered with Land Registry.  Cllr. Russell Pearce said the Council was unaware that a solicitor would be needed for the lease so it was not discussed previously.  In reply to a question from Cllr. Pearce, Cllr. Siddall replied that the legal fees would be approximately £200.  Cllr. Val Kelsey proposed that the Council pays for YSG’s legal fees in connection with the lease.  Cllr. John Walford seconded.  All were in favour.

c)         The Council considered Cllr. Ian Shaw’s proposal to donate £1,000 to YSG towards the purchase of an eco-toilet for use by the Allotments Association and visitors to Yoxwood.  Following a discussion, it was agreed, in principle (subject to final figures) to take the grants raised by YSG so far, make up the difference, purchase the eco-toilet and lease it to YSG on the basis that they and the Allotments Association maintain it.  Cllr. Ian Shaw seconded.  All were in favour.
ACTION: Cllr. David Childs to report back next month with further details and actual figures.  Cllr. Stephen Siddall to draft a clause to include in the lease.  Cllr. Paul Ashton to speak to the Allotments Association.

11.       Village

a)         Cllr. John Walford informed the Council that G&T’s Café & Kitchen recently won the Best Tea/Coffee Shop category in the Suffolk Food & Drink Awards.  The Council were pleased to note their success and agreed to send a letter of congratulations.  The Council discussed ways in which they could help village businesses to succeed.  Cllr. John Walford suggested the Council purchase a proper advertising sign for all businesses to be placed beside the Prince of Wales oak tree.  This sign would benefit businesses and visitors and provide a visual amenity for the village.  Cllr. Stephen Siddall and the Clerk agreed to look into whether planning permission is required.
ACTION: Clerk to write to G&T’s Café and Kitchen.  Cllr. Stephen Siddall to report back.

b)         The Council reviewed and approved the Emergency Plan.  Cllr. Paul Ashton reminded the Clerk to comply with the Data Protection Act with regard to personal information included in the plan.
ACTION: Clerk to create a version omitting personal information and upload to website.

12.       Finance

a)         The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix II.

b)         The Council reviewed and approved the bank reconciliation as at 31st March 2017.

c)         The Council reviewed the Clerk’s salary rate.  Following a discussion, Cllr. Ian Shaw proposed increasing the rate from SCP 18 to SCP 21.  Cllr. Paul Ashton seconded.  All were in favour.

d)         The Council reviewed and approved the Fidelity Guarantee insurance cover.

e)         The Council discussed making a donation to the M&G Friendship Club.  Cllr. Paul Ashton said he met the organisers and discussed what they do and how they spend funds.  Cllr. Ashton said they are covering their costs but they would like to raise extra funds to pay for guest speakers.  The club has been running for 7 years and have exhausted all ideas of free activities.  The organisers are putting in their own time and effort to try to alleviate loneliness in the village.  Cllr. Ashton suggested going on a combined coach trip with the Gardening Club.  Cllr. Sam Hunt suggested combining the club’s meeting with the Post Office as village hall fees and refreshment costs could be shared.  Cllr. Russell Pearce suggested they could charge a fee to listen to guest speakers and use the profit to pay for more speakers.  The Yoxford Yapper could be used to advertise these events.  Cllr. Ian Shaw proposed donating £100 towards the cost of guest speakers.  Seconded by Cllr. Paul Ashton.  All in favour.
ACTION: Clerk to add to next month’s agenda for authorisation.

f)          The Council authorised the payment listed below.  Proposed by Cllr. Stephen Siddall.  Seconded by Cllr. David Childs.  All in favour.

Details Payee Amount Power
Clerk’s Salary Sharon Smith £371.96 LGA 1972 s.112


  1. 13.       Administration


a)         The Council reviewed and approved the Risk Assessment.


b)         The Council reviewed and approved the Standing Orders.

14.       Correspondence

The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 1st April 2017 and 28th April 2017 detailed in Appendix III. 

15.       Questions to the Chair

a)         Cllr. Val Kelsey asked the Chair if he was aware that planning permission had been granted at Caven Cottage, High Street to build a three bedroom detached house despite the Council’s concerns about the access way.
ACTION: Clerk to inform Council of recent planning decisions.

b)         Cllr. Russell Pearce reported that a fence has fallen at a Heritage Housing property at 7 Strickland Manor Hill and a shrub is growing over blocking the path.
ACTION: Clerk to report to Heritage Housing.

c)         Cllr. Ian Shaw reported that the middle part of the road outside the shop remains unsurfaced.  Cllr. Paul Ashton said he had re-raised this recently with Highways.

d)         Cllr. Ian Shaw referred to correspondence received from SALC about The Great Get Together event to remember Jo Cox MP.  Cllr. Shaw suggested that if there was a village event planned for 17th/18th June it could be combined with this event.

  1. 16.       Date and Time of Next Meeting


The next meeting of the Council will be held on Thursday 1st June 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:00 pm.



Appendix I – Outstanding Actions

Meeting Date

Item Ref




6th April 2017 10b To   report the s.137 expenditure limit Clerk


Appendix II – Financial Position

Bank Balances  
HSBC Community   Account as at 7 April 2017


N S & I Investment   Account as at 31 December 2016


United Trust Bank   as at 29 July 2016




Allocated Funds and   Reserves  
SMH Play Area   (including interest to 31 Mar 2016)






Bank Balances less   Allocated Funds and Reserves



Income – April/May   2017  
SCDC – Precept 1st Instalment


Memorial Headstone – Rainger




Payments – May 2017  
Clerk’s Salary



Net Balance






Appendix III – Correspondence

a)       RSC Landscapes – machine breakdown in Little Street play area.
b)       JLAG – reminder to complete Planning Aid England survey.
c)       SALC – Information Bulletins w/c 3rd, 10th and 17th April 2017.
d)       SCC – Statement of Persons Nominated for Election.
e)       Village Hall – Fundraising Quiz – 22nd April 2017.
f)        Anglian Water – reaching the local community.
g)       SCDC Planning – response to YPC’s observations re DC/17/1039/FUL.
h)       EDF Energy – Sizewell B Newsletter – March 2017.
i)        Therese Coffey MP – Annual Report.



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