March 2017



  1. 1.               Attendance and Apologies
Cllr. Russell Pearce   – Chair
Cllr. Paul Ashton – Vice Chair
Cllr. John Walford
Cllr. John Sutherell
Cllr. Ian Shaw
Cllr. Stephen Siddall
Cllr. David Childs
Cllr. Val Kelsey
Cllr. Ann Lambert 
Apologies   for absence:District Cllr. Stephen   Burroughes

In   attendance:

Sharon Smith – Clerk/RFO
County Cllr. Michael Gower
2 members of the public


Cllr. Russell Pearce informed the Council of Cllr. Susan Pine’s resignation due to ill health.
ACTION: Clerk to notify the Returning Officer at SCDC to initiate the process of filling the vacancy.  Cllr. Russell Pearce to write to Cllr. Susan Pine to thank her for her service and valuable contribution to the Council.

  1. 2.               Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

None received.

  1. 3.               Public Forum

a)         Neil Mahler, County Fungus Recorder for Suffolk, brought to the Council’s attention a rare fungus which grows near the junction of the A12/B1122.  Some time ago, the County Council erected white posts to designate the site and protect it by law.  Despite this protection the fungus has not appeared for some time and Mr Mahler is concerned that verge cutting and clearing sand from the footpath may be detrimental to the fungus.  Cllr. Ian Shaw said this created a conflict as the Council asks for verges and hedges to be regularly cut back to keep footways clear.  Mr Mahler replied that conservation work was permitted but stepping on the soil should be avoided as it is illegal to disturb the fungus.  The Council advised Mr Mahler to contact the landowners to ensure they are aware of the fungus.  Cllr. John Sutherell informed Mr Mahler about EDF Energy’s proposed roundabout for Sizewell C traffic which will be near the site of the fungus.

b)         John McMinn from the Village Hall Committee advised the Council that their meeting in May 2017 will be held in the large hall as the small hall is needed for local elections.

c)         County Cllr. Michael Gower reported on the upcoming elections in May.  He said Council business is ongoing but quiet at the moment.  He noted Highways seem to be more responsive lately.

d)         District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes’ report, previously sent by email, was noted.


  1. 4.         Councillor Vacancy

Cllr. Russell Pearce informed the Council that it was not possible to co-opt Andy Potts as a Parish Councillor at this time as he has not been resident in the village for one year.

  1. 5.         Minutes of the Meetings

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 2nd February 2017, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. John Sutherell and seconded by Cllr. John Walford.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

6.         Matters Arising

a)         Cllr. David Childs, referring to item 5a, said the hedge at Donkey Meadow had been cut back.

b)         Cllr. Val Kelsey, referring to item 8a, said the Village Hall Committee were keen to provide internet access in the Village Hall and they would pay for half the cost if the Council could pay for the other half for the life of the contract, either 12 or 18 months.  Cllr. Russell Pearce said he attended the Village Hall Committee meeting and there was a strong argument for providing this service.  Cllr. Paul Ashton asked if there would be an installation fee.  Cllr. Kelsey replied this was subject to survey but the Village Hall would pay for this and the Council was only being asked to help with monthly service charges.  Cllr. Ian Shaw proposed the Council pay £20 per month for a year.  Cllr. Stephen Siddall seconded.  All in favour.

c)         The Clerk, referring to item 7g from the December 2016 meeting, said Suffolk Coastal Norse had agreed to deliver to her a replacement dog waste bin.
ACTION: Once received, Clerk to deliver to Cllr. Russell Pearce for storage.

d)         Cllr. Russell Pearce followed up the remaining actions in the minutes and all were completed.

7.         Councillors’ Meetings and Progress Reports

a)         Yoxwood – Cllr. David Childs reported that the AGM is to be held on 13th March 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Griffin Inn.

b)         Yoxwood Constitution/Lease and Griffin Public House – Cllr. Stephen Siddall said he would provide an update on both matters at the next meeting.

c)         Sizewell C – Cllr. John Walford reported that Dr Therese Coffey MP had shifted her position about Sizewell C and has come out more strongly about the accommodation campus at Eastbridge and the need for a relief road.  Cllr. Walford said that many responses to the Stage 2 consultation were copied to TEAGS who reported they were intelligent, articulate and positive.  Cllr. Walford said that a recent newspaper article reported the County Council were looking into alternative locations for the accommodation campus.

d)         Cemetery – Cllr. John Walford reported that the burial chart was completed and two further plots were reserved this month.

e)         Village Hall – Cllr. Val Kelsey reported that a meeting will be held on 8th March 2017 with Joy Stodart of the County Council regarding the new school building.  This will be followed by the Village Hall New Build meeting in the evening.  Cllr. Kelsey said the Pie and Mash night was a great success and made a profit of £406.  There will be a Quiz Night on 22nd April and the Produce Show is to be held on 2nd September.

f)          Church – Cllr. John Sutherell reported that renovation work on Cockfield Chapel has ceased at this time since the discovery of nine graves and a crypt inside the chapel.  The proposed work is expected to be costly therefore the PCC is taking time to consider the best use of its limited resources.

g)         Police – Cllr. John Walford reported he attended the Locality Meeting in Cllr. John Sutherell’s absence as the meeting was called at short notice.  Cllr. Walford said the meeting was poorly attended, possibly due to the short notice.  The police team reported that PCSO’s will now be based in Halesworth instead of Eye, that telephone response times have improved, speeding continues to be a big issue, parking on pavements is a problem in Halesworth, there has been a rise of drug use centered around skate parks and the police are trying to recruit more volunteers.  Cllr. Walford said police constables can attend village events if two weeks’ notice is given.  Cllr. Sutherell said revised Terms of Reference were published during the month but the email was then recalled.
ACTION: Cllr. John Sutherell to send a note about the short notice and ask about the revised Terms of Reference.

h)         Flagship – Cllr. John Sutherell said both fences have been repaired.

i)          Traffic Task Group – Cllr. Paul Ashton reported the skirting on the A1120 has been cut back but not yet on the A12 from Yoxford to Darsham.  Cllr. Ashford said the Group needs a new purpose now that the Speedwatch team and SID are operational and regular meetings are being held with David Chenery from Highways.  Cllr. Ian Shaw suggested any new projects could be integrated with the work of the Parish Council.

j)          Village Survey – Cllr. Paul Ashton reported on the Summer Fair event which is struggling to recruit volunteers.  He spoke to the organisers of the Produce Show about expanding their event to include a BBQ, a bar, a band, tea and cakes, and some activities into the afternoon.  Cllr. Ashton said he is trying to borrow a marquee in case of inclement weather.

k)         Work Party – Cllr. Ian Shaw reported that he and Cllr. Russell Pearce cleared trees which came down during the recent storm.   Cllr. Shaw said the Work Party equipment had been marked with ‘YPC’ and Cllr. Russell Pearce was providing storage.  The Council discussed jobs in the village which the Work Party could undertake.  It was agreed to meet on Saturday 18th March 2017 at 10:00 am to prune trees and cut back ivy in Mulberry Park and to tidy some pavements.

8.         Village

a)         Following a discussion, the Council decided not to apply for any Public Space Protection Orders at this time.  There have been no recent reports of anti-social behaviour at Mulberry Park and behaviour such as underage drinking or vandalism is already a criminal offence.  In Yoxwood View there are already dog fouling signs in place.
ACTION: Cllr. John Sutherell to ascertain whether a PSPO can be applied for in future if required.


b)         The Council considered the tenders received for the grass cutting season 2017/2018.  Cllr. Russell Pearce proposed they appoint RSC Landscapes Ltd, on the basis of their competitive quote and the good service received last year.  Cllr. Ian Shaw seconded.  All were in favour.
ACTION: Clerk to inform all who tendered.


c)         The Council discussed information received from a member of the public regarding debris left by the roadside on the A12 following a road traffic accident.  It was agreed to report the matter to SCC Highways.
ACTION: Clerk to inform Highways and Cllr. Russell Pearce to reply to resident.
d)         The Council further discussed the draft Emergency Plan.  It was agreed to advertise in the Yoxford Yapper for residents who can offer any assistance or resources in an emergency.
ACTION: Clerk to progress.

9.         Finance

a)         The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix I.

b)         The Council authorised the payments listed below en bloc.  Proposed by Cllr. Ann Lambert.  Seconded by Cllr. David Childs.  All were in favour.

Details Payee Amount Power
Clerk’s Salary Sharon Smith £371.96 LGA 1972 s.112
Clerk’s Expenses Sharon Smith £37.91 LGA 1972 s.111
Annual Subscription Village Hall £25.00 LGA 1972 s.111
Rent – Jan/Feb/Mar 2017 Village Hall £45.00 LGA 1972 s.111
Cemetery Expenses John Walford £22.00 LGA 1972 s.111


  1. 10.       Administration

a)         The Council reviewed and approved the Financial Regulations.  The Clerk summarised the areas where compliance could be improved and the Council accepted these measures.

b)         The Council reviewed and approved the Asset Register with the following amendments:
i)          dispose of the faulty external hard drive;
ii)         add three Speed Indicator Device brackets;
iii)        add allotments to the description of the Yoxwood land;
iv)        amend the title of the ‘Location’ column to include ‘Description’.

11.       Correspondence

a)         The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 28th January 2017 and 24th February 2017 detailed in Appendix II.


b)         Cllr. Stephen Siddall referred to the letter received from Block solicitors which asserted the Cricket Club’s registered title includes the land the Council are considering fencing.  Cllr. Siddall drafted a letter of reply explaining that the piece of land is actually Highways land and he enclosed a copy of the title plan highlighting this.  The land cannot be developed other than as access and the Council is concerned to ensure that it is retained in its current state for the visual benefit of the village.  The Council approved Cllr. Siddall’s letter.
ACTION: Clerk to send letter and copy of title plan to Blocks.


c)         Cllr. Ian Shaw referred to the email received from the National Plant Monitoring Scheme which recruits volunteers to survey plants in an area close to where they live   He said he will promote this scheme in the Yoxford Yapper to try to generate some interest.

12.       Questions to the Chair

Cllr. David Childs said that the garages at Elmsley Way had been removed and the area resurfaced with tarmac to provide parking spaces.  Flagship Housing sent letters to residents asking them to cease double parking in the existing parking bay.  Cllr. Childs said residents were reluctant to use the new parking area as Flagship have not provided lighting.  Cllr. Ian Shaw reminded him of the cheap solar powered LED lights he mentioned at the January 2017 meeting.

  1. 13.       Date and Time of Next Meetings


The Annual Parish Meeting and the next meeting of the Council will be held on Thursday 6th April 2017 at 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm respectively in the Village Hall.
ACTION: Clerk to circulate list of groups/clubs to be invited to the APM.
The meeting closed at 9:00 pm.



Appendix I – Financial Position

Bank Balances
HSBC Community   Account as at 3 February 2017


N S & I Investment   Account as at 1 January 2017


United Trust Bank   as at 6 January 2017



Allocated Funds and   Reserves
SMH Play Area   (including interest to 31 Mar 2016)





Bank Balances less   Allocated Funds and Reserves


Payments – February   2017
Clerk’s Salary


Clerk’s Expenses


Village Hall –   Annual Subscription


Village Hall –   Jan/Feb/March Rent


Cemetery Expenses –   John Walford



Income – February 2017
Allotment Rent


Cemetery – 2 Plot   Reservations


VAT Reclaim



Net Balance






Appendix II – Correspondence

a)       SALC – Area Meeting Dates 2017.
b)       SALC – Planning For All Conference – 02/03/17.
c)       SALC – Avian Influenza Update – Suffolk.
d)       SALC – Transparency Code Information.
e)       SALC – Assets of Community Value Event – 20/03/17.
f)        SCC – Highways Matters Newsletter – February 2017.
g)       SCC – War Memorials Grant Scheme
h)       Suffolk Constabulary – PCC-CC Public Meeting Programme 2017.
i)        Suffolk Constabulary – Next Police Locality Meeting – 02/03/17.
j)        Village Hall – Subscriptions 2017.
k)       EDF – Sizewell B Community Newsletter – January 2017.
l)        UK Power Networks – Preparing Your Local Electricity Network for Storm Doris.
m)      National Plant Monitoring Scheme – Volunteers Needed.
n)       SC&WDC – Adoption of Local Plan Documents.
o)       Blocks Solicitors – Letter re land near cricket pitch.


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