January 2017



  1. 1.               Attendance and Apologies
Cllr. Russell Pearce   – Chair
Cllr. Paul Ashton – Vice Chair
Cllr. John Walford
Cllr. John Sutherell
Cllr. Ian Shaw
Cllr. Susan Pine
Cllr. Ann Lambert
Cllr. David Childs
Apologies   for absence:Cllr. Stephen Siddall –   written and accepted
Cllr. Val Kelsey – written and accepted
District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes
In attendance:

Sharon Smith – Clerk/RFO
County Cllr. Michael Gower
3 members of the public


  1. 2.               Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interests

None received.

  1. 3.               Public Forum


a)         With regard to the proposed development of Sizewell C, a member of the public informed the Council that the Theberton and Eastbridge Action Group on Sizewell (‘TEAGS’) are holding a public meeting at St Peter’s Church, Theberton on Saturday 7th January 2017 from 10 am to 12 noon.  He also reported that the East Anglian Daily Times intend to publish an article about the traffic congestion that may occur in Yoxford should the development go ahead.  They wish to include a photograph of a group of villagers at the junction of the A12/A1120 as this is likely to be the worst spot.  He urged as many people as possible to take part.  Date and time to be circulated by email.


a)         County Cllr. Michael Gower reported that the devolution debate has gone back to central government now that Norfolk are not interested.  Cllr. Gower said that he will attend the TEAGS meeting along with County Cllr. Richard Smith for Leiston.  He said Dr Therese Coffey MP is also expected to attend.  In response to a question from Cllr. Ian Shaw, Cllr. Gower said that the County Council are responsible for schools, highways, disposal of waste, adult community services – care for the elderly, and for children and young people in care.  Suffolk Coastal District Council are responsible for planning and waste collection.  Both Councils are responsible for economic development and both have good access to grant money.


b)         District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes’ report, previously sent by email, was noted.

  1. 4.               Minutes of the Meetings

The minutes of the meeting held on Thursday 1st December 2016, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. John Sutherell and seconded by Cllr. John Walford.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

The minutes of the Extraordinary meeting held on Thursday 8th December 2016, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. Ian Shaw and seconded by Cllr. Paul Ashton.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.

  1. 5.               Matters Arising

a)         Cllr. Ian Shaw, referring to item 5a, suggested that the work party equipment is stored in an easily retrievable place.  It was agreed that Cllr. Russell Pearce will store it as Cllr. John Walford may not always be available.
ACTION: Cllr. Ian Shaw to mark the equipment with ‘YPC’ and buy a combination lock for the storage shed.

b)         The Clerk, referring to item 5b, said that ex Parish Councillors are not permitted to hold a paid office with the Council for a period of 12 months.

c)         The Clerk, referring to item 5c, reported that she met with a Darsham Parish Councillor to review their emergency plan, copies of which she sent to Cllr. Russell Pearce.  Cllr. Pearce said the plan was straightforward with the greatest risk arising from severe weather conditions and he recommended that the Council draw up a similar plan which could be put on the village website.  Cllr. John Walford suggested hard copies be left at Horner’s Store and the Village Hall.
ACTION: Clerk to draft emergency plan and circulate.

d)         The Clerk, referring to item 5d, informed the Council that she has booked a training session for Councillors with SALC.  The modules to be covered are: what makes a good council?; councils and the law; and contributing to effective meetings.  The Council agreed to add a further module: business planning and developing policies.  The Clerk said she will ask Councillors from Theberton and Eastbridge Parish Council and Swefling Parish Council to attend in order to reduce the cost.
ACTION: Clerk to inform SALC of additional module.

e)         Cllr. Russell Pearce, referring to item 7c, said that County Cllr. Michael Gower actually contributed £1,500 towards the purchase of the SID therefore the Council’s contribution was only £650, not £1,150 approved last month.

f)          Cllr. John Walford, referring to item 7f, said he spoke to the residents of the lane at the top of Strickland Manor Hill.  They were told their rubbish would only be collected if put out in black plastic bags.  The SCDC refuse lorry is unable to drive down the lane and collect wheelie bins for health and safety reasons as the lorry cannot turn around and it is unsafe for the operators to walk behind a reversing lorry.  Wheelie bins can only be collected if taken down to the junction.  The residents are reluctant to put out plastic bags in case they are ripped open.  Cllr. Ian Shaw said the issue was clouded as it was previously reported to the Council that the refuse lorry would not drive down the lane due to overgrown hedges.  Cllr. John Sutherell suggested that the Council speak to District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes to see if he can help to resolve this matter.  In the meantime, Cllr. John Sutherell will speak to the residents.
ACTION: Cllr. John Sutherell to progress.

g)         Cllr Ian Shaw, referring to item 7h, suggested that instead of providing a street light at Elmsley Way at a cost of approximately £30,000, an LED light costing approximately £6 could be a viable option.  The light brightens on approach and the battery is topped up by solar power.

h)         Cllr. Russell Pearce followed up the remaining actions in the minutes and those that were not completed are detailed in Appendix I.

  1. 6.               Councillors’ Meetings and Progress Reports

a)         Sizewell C – Cllr. John Walford reported that he attended three sessions with TEAGS touring exhibition alongside EDF’s public exhibition.  Cllr. Walford summarised the main areas of concern for Yoxford which will form the basis of the Council’s response to EDF.  Cllr. Ashton reminded the Councillors that he had circulated a draft response but he had not yet received any comments.  Cllr. Walford said he will attend the TEAGS meeting in Theberton and that TEAGS are keen for parish councils to support their objections in their response and they will carry ours.  County Cllr. Michael Gower advocated this approach and said he had been emphasising the need for all villages to respond and support each other.  Cllr. Walford and Cllr. Ashton are meeting with Planning Aid England on 12th January for help preparing the Council’s response.  The public meeting in Yoxford on 14th January is to give residents the opportunity to contribute their views.  It was agreed to call an Extraordinary meeting at the end of January to approve the Council’s response in order to ensure it is made available to residents to comment on before the submission deadline of 3rd February.  This will also give time to send the response to other parish councils, the District Council, the County Council, TEAGS and SPLG to enable them to incorporate the Council’s concerns in their own responses if they wish to.  Cllr. Walford said that SCDC are holding a special cabinet meeting on 11th January and SCC and SCDC are meeting separately on 31st January to determine their responses to the consultation.

b)         Cemetery – Cllr. John Walford reported that the burial chart is almost complete.  Cllr. David Childs said he could scan and save the A3 chart as a PDF and provide a copy to Cllr. John Sutherell to display in the church.

c)         Village Hall – Cllr. Ian Shaw read out Cllr. Val Kelsey’s report.  She reported that December brought another very successful Xmas Fair with approximately £650 being raised for the Village Hall.  She thanked Cllrs. Ann Lambert, Sue Pine and Paul Ashton for their help on the mulled wine stall where they raised £94.72 in donations.  It also proved useful to talk to residents about the impact of Sizewell C on Yoxford.  Cllr. Kelsey reported that a site survey has been completed for the Village Hall new build and they have had an offer of a provisional site plan.  The funding application will soon be started.  Cllr. Kelsey welcomed Cllr. Ann Lambert who has joined the Village Hall committee.

d)         Church – Cllr. John Sutherell reported that the Christmas events were a great success.  Cllr. Sutherell thanked Cllr. Ian Shaw for the first rake of the wildflower meadow space.  More volunteers are still needed.  Work continues on the little chapel.

e)         Flagship – Cllr. John Sutherell said that he sent the Council’s opinion on the preferred grass surface for the football pitch to Flagship.  He reported that Flagship have trimmed the trees on the playing field side by the fence and the fence will now be repaired.  The trees in the copse still require pruning but this work has been postponed to allow the ivy to die back.

f)          Primary School – Cllr. Russell Pearce reported that a planning meeting about the new build for the school was held but unfortunately the Parish Council and the Village Hall were not informed.  Cllr. Pearce looked at the proposed plans – the building is to be a separate unit near the playground comprising a classroom, communal room and toilets.  The Council discussed whether the contractors for the new build will use the Village Hall car park.  Parents have been asked not to use the Village Hall car park for dropping off and picking up pupils due to ongoing damage to the surface.  It was noted that this is an issue between the school and the Village hall however it concerns the Council as parents will now need to park on roads around the school.  County Cllr. Michael Gower suggested that they organise a meeting between the headmaster of the school and representatives from the Village Hall, attended by himself and Cllr. Pearce to try to find a solution.   Cllr. Pearce said the school and the Village Hall had real potential to become a community hub and they could work together and use each other’s facilities.
ACTION: Clerk to arrange meeting.

g)         Traffic Task Group – Cllr. Paul Ashton reported that the Speed Indicator Device will be delivered on 6th January 2017 and the posts had been erected.  A complaint was received from a resident about the position of the post outside her house.  Cllr. Ashton said he would meet with the resident to try to alleviate her concerns.  Cllr. Ashton further reported that he has a meeting with David Chenery of Highways next week which County Cllr. Michael will also attend.  They will discuss traffic calming measures, the request for a 20 mph sign on High Street, the crossing on the A12 and on High Street and moving the 30 mph limit on the A1120 back to Yoxford Antiques Centre.  In reply to a question from Cllr. Russell Pearce, Cllr. Ashton confirmed that the skirting on the path to Darsham station and on the B1122 to the level crossing will be cut back by the end of March 2017.
ACTION: Cllr. Paul Ashton to speak to the resident.

h)         Village Survey – Cllr. Paul Ashton reported that not enough volunteers came forward to relaunch the summer fair and make it viable.  Cllr. Russell Pearce suggested joining forces with the organisers of the produce fair to make the event bigger.

  1. 7.               Planning


The Council reviewed planning application DC/16/5024/FUL to build a new dormer, French windows and alterations at 4 Park Place, Yoxford.  Cllr. Ian Shaw proposed that the Council support the application.  Seconded by Cllr. David Childs.  All were in favour.
ACTION: Clerk to forward decision to the Planning office.


  1. 8.               Village Correspondence


a)               The Council discussed a complaint received about a proposed site for double yellow line parking restrictions.  Cllr. Paul Ashton summarised the statutory procedure for creating a Traffic Regulations Order and informed the Council that the resident’s objection must be considered by the Council who then decide whether to proceed with the original plan, modify it or abandon it.  Cllr. Paul Ashton proposed that the objection is not accepted.  The Council agreed to proceed with the original plan to impose parking restrictions as the site is dangerous and visibility is impaired by parked cars.  It was also agreed to accept any delay to the process which the objection will cause.  Cllr. Susan Pine said the Council need to make clear to the resident their reasons for supporting the double yellow lines.

ACTION: Cllr. Paul Ashton to respond to the resident.


b)               To Council discussed a complaint received about the overgrown hedge at Donkey Meadow.  The Parish Council previously wrote to the tenant in June 2016 and asked him to trim the hedges but unfortunately this was not done.  For the past two years, the Work Party have pruned the hedge back as a voluntary activity but they are reluctant to carry on undertaking this work which is the responsibility of the land owner.   It was noted that the Council have written to other land owners in this respect and they have always been met with a positive response.  As the church owns the land at Donkey Meadow, it was agreed to formally request that the Parochial Church Council do all they can to help to resolve this issue.
ACTION: Clerk to write to the Church Warden.  Cllr. David Childs to speak informally to the tenant.


  1. 9.               Finance

a)         The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix II.

b)         The Council reviewed the budgeted versus actual expenditure and income for Qtr 3 2016.

c)         The Council agreed upon an incremental increase to the precept level for the financial year 2017/2018.  Cllr. David Childs proposed £500 and this was seconded by Cllr. Ian Shaw.  All were in favour.
ACTION: Clerk to inform SCDC of precept level of £14,100.

The Chair stopped the meeting at 9:00 pm to seek approval from the Council for a 10 minute extension to continue the meeting.  All agreed to the extension and the meeting resumed.

  1. 10.            Correspondence

The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 27th November 2016 and 29th December 2016 detailed in Appendix III.


  1. 11.            Questions to the Chair



  1. 12.            Date and Time of Next Meeting

The next meeting of the Parish Council will be held on 2nd February 2017 at 7:00 pm in the Village Hall.

The meeting closed at 9:05 pm.



Appendix I – Outstanding Actions

Meeting Date

Item Ref




3rd November 2016 5b Once   completed, the burial chart is to be scanned or photographed and saved as a   PDF. Cllr. John Walford Ongoing.
1st December 2016 7g Ask   SCDC to return the damaged dog bin. Clerk Ongoing.




Appendix II – Financial Position

Bank Balances as at   2 December 2016
HSBC Community   Account


N S & I Investment   Account


United Trust Bank



Allocated Funds and   Reserves
SMH Play Area   (including interest to 31 Mar 2016)


Speed Indicator   Device (LSCF Grant/YPC Funds)





Bank Balances less   Allocated Funds and Reserves


Income – December   2016
Suffolk County   Council – Speed Indicator Device



Payments – December   2016
Cllr. Val Kelsey –   Xmas Fayre Mulled Wine Donation



Net Balance




Appendix III – Correspondence

a)       Planning Aid England – SZC Stage 2 Consultation Support
b)       Notification for Temporary Traffic Order – March 2017
c)       Snape Parish Council – Funding a PCSO
d)       Sizewell A & B Stakeholder Group Report – December 2016
e)       Coastline Lite – December 2016
f)        SALC – Avian Influenza Alert
g)       SC&WDC – Town and Parish Budget Liaison Meeting – 28/11/16
h)       SCC – Highways Matters – Edition 10
i)        East Suffolk DC – Wild Bird Surveillance 2016
j)        Information Commissioner’s Office Update – December 2016
k)       EDF – Sizewell B Newsletter – November 2016
l)        SALC LAIS 1395 – Video Conferencing
m)      SALC AGM – AONB Report – December 2016
n)       EDF – Sizewell C Update – December 2016
o)       Buckingham Palace Garden Party Nomination – 01/02/17
p)       Yoxford Primary School – view proposed alterations – 15/12/16
q)       SALC – Precept Referendums and Other News
r)        SC&WDC – Meeting to discuss Strategic Flood Risk Assessment – 17/01/17
s)       Community Emergency Planning Newsletter – December 2016
t)        SCC & SCDC – Notes from SZC Stage 2 Engagement Event
u)       Email from a resident regarding the SZC Stage 2 consultation


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