August 2016






1.         Attendance and Apologies                                                                                                      


Attendees:Cllr.   Russell Pearce – Chair

Cllr.   Paul Ashton – Vice Chair
Cllr. John Sutherell

Cllr.   Clive Connolly

Cllr.   John Walford

Cllr.   Val Kelsey

Cllr.   Ian Shaw

Cllr.   Stephen Siddall

Apologies for   absence:Cllr.   David Childs – this was written and accepted.



In   attendance:

Mrs   Sharon Smith – Clerk/RFO

County   Cllr. Michael Gower
District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes

5   members of the public


2.         Declarations of Pecuniary and Non-Pecuniary Interest and Dispensations


None received.

3.         Public Forum


a)         A member of the public sought the Parish Council’s support to register the Griffin Public House as a community asset with SCDC to protect it from being developed.  Twenty-one signatures need to be collected.  The public concern was noted and it was agreed to discuss this issue at next month’s meeting,

ACTION: Clerk to add to next month’s agenda.

b)         In response to a question from a member of the public, Cllr. Ian Shaw replied that the Parish Council were not responsible for cutting back overgrown footpaths.  Footpaths were the responsibility of the land owners and bridges were the responsibility of Public Rights of Way.


c)         A member of the public reported that the pavement at Elmsley Way is cracked and in a dangerous state.
ACTION: Cllr. Paul Ashton to report this to Highways.


d)         County Cllr. Michael Gower spoke about the East Anglia Devolution Deal.  There are now two separate deals being proposed – a Cambridgeshire and Peterborough combined authority and a Norfolk and Suffolk combined authority.  The public consultation has begun and comments can be submitted online at until 23 August 2016.  Cllr. Gower believes this devolution deal is a top-down initiative and, while devolving powers to local authorities is a positive move, the current strategy is poor.


e)         District Cllr. Stephen Burroughes spoke about the devolution plan, the merger of SCDC and Waveney District Councils which has led to significant savings and increased efficiency, the launch of a new noise complaints service, the unanimous support of Suffolk County Councillors to stamp out hate crime, an update on the Suffolk Better Broadband project and the new East Suffolk website.  Cllr. Burroughes concluded by speaking about the Rural Broadband Summit which aims to help small parishes who have low-speed broadband.


4.         Minutes of the Meeting held on Thursday 7th July 2016


The minutes of the meeting, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. John Sutherell and seconded by Cllr. Ian Shaw.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.  Cllr. John Walford abstained as he had not received a copy of the minutes due to a technical problem.


5.         Matters Arising


a)         Cllr. John Sutherell, referring to item 5a, said he was unable to attend the SCC meeting regarding the results of the Sizewell C Accent survey.


b)         Cllr. Paul Ashton, referring to item 5c, reported that he emailed Bob Clench and David Chenery of Suffolk Highways about various traffic concerns in the village which have been ongoing for some time with little progress.  Cllr. Ashton included photographs in his email and listed several concerns including the need for a VAS to reduce speeding, the state of the pavement from Yoxford to Darsham station, the state of the pavements elsewhere in the village where the skirting is so poorly maintained it is difficult to use the paths in places or at all with a pushchair or a wheelchair, the potholes in the roads and parking around junctions and the need for double yellow lines.  Cllr. Ashton has not yet received a reply.  It was noted that as the volume of traffic using the A12 increases it will be essential to have safe pavements and it is not safe for Parish Councillors or volunteers to work beside the A12.
ACTION: Cllr. Paul Ashton to re-raise the problems using SCC’s online reporting tool and forward his email to County Cllr. James Finch.


c)         Cllr. Ian Shaw, referring to item 5c, reported that County Cllr. Michael Gower had agreed to provide £300 of funding to acquire equipment for the work party.


d)         Cllr. Stephen Siddall, referring to item 7b, reported that the Land Registry will not accept an application from the Parish Council to register a possessory interest in the piece of Highway land between the cricket club and Old High Road as the Parish Council to date have done nothing to claim it or exclude third parties by fencing it off.  The only way forward now is for the Parish Council to fence it off.  Cllr. Siddall is willing to monitor the situation in case any objections are received or if a third party decides to lodge a claim to ownership.  It was noted that the land could be used to create an access to the Bowls Club should it be needed in the future.
ACTION: Clerk to add to next month’s agenda for further discussion.

e)         Cllr. Russell Pearce followed up the remaining actions in the minutes and those that were not completed are detailed in Appendix I.


6.         Minutes of the Extraordinary Meeting held on Monday 25th July 2016


The minutes of the meeting, copies of which had been previously circulated, were proposed by Cllr. Val Kelsey and seconded by Cllr. Ian Shaw.  They were approved as a true and accurate record and were signed by the Chair.  Cllr. John Walford abstained as he had not received a copy of the minutes due to a technical problem.


7.         Matters Arising

Cllr. John Sutherell recommended that the Clerk asks the Chairman of Yoxwood Steering Group to confirm receipt of the renewed insurance policy documents and that they are carrying out a risk assessment.  Cllr. Ian Shaw recommended that the public are excluded from Yoxwood when volunteers are using cutting equipment.
ACTION: Clerk to follow-up.


  1. 8.         Councillors


a)         Reports were received regarding:

i)          Yoxwood – Cllr. Stephen Siddall reported that he and Cllr. Val Kelsey met with Chris Michie, Chairman of the Yoxwood Steering Group.  They agreed in principle the general format of a simple constitution which would be based on Yoxwood being an association of the members (Friends of Yoxwood) rather than an association comprising simply the steering group with the Friends of Yoxwood being financial supporters with no say in the running of the organisation.  Cllr. Siddall is to produce a draft for Cllr. Kelsey’s and Chris Michie’s initial views and then it will be given to the Yoxwood Steering Group and the Parish Council for formal comments.  Cllr. Siddall will also produce a draft lease for initial comments from Cllr. Kelsey and Chris Michie.  The final draft will need approval from the Parish Council (particularly in relation to the length of the term and whether there is to be a tenant option to renew) and an external solicitor will need to be involved to deal with completion of the lease and registration at Land Registry.


ii)         Sizewell – Cllr. John Walford attended the SCC meeting to discuss the results of the Accent survey regarding the proposed Sizewell C development.  Over 700 households took part in the survey and results showed that they were overwhelmingly against using the B1122 as an access route for the construction traffic.  County Cllr. Guy McGregor viewed this as a positive step to campaign for an alternative route.  However, now the Hinkley Point C development has been postponed it may be many years until Sizewell C is given the go ahead.

iii)         Cemetery – Cllr. John Walford informed the Council that he had approved an application to erect a memorial stone.  This was duly noted.
ACTION: Clerk to notify stonemason of approval.

iv)        Village Hall – Cllr. Val Kelsey said that meetings were now being held every two months therefore there was no report for this month.

v)         Churchyard – Cllr. John Sutherell reported that three rows of pews have been removed to give more space at the back of the church for church and community events.  He further reported that an informal meeting had been held to discuss possibilities of churchyard maintenance, with volunteers supporting Norse to develop a wild flower meadow at the rear of the church.  Cllr. Ian Shaw agreed to be a focus for volunteer effort and for contacting Suffolk Wildlife Trust with a view to an onsite meeting and consultation.  Church PCC to request assistance from the community.

vi)        Police – Cllr. John Sutherell met with PCSO Gary Wallace at Mulberry Park and explained plans to reduce the trees and cover.  PCSO Wallace advised that there is ‘vandal proof’ play equipment that has proved successful for use by older age groups.  Cllr. Sutherell reported that there has been no change to the crime map since the last meeting.  Cllr. John Sutherell further reported that he attended the SNT Police Meeting chaired by Inspector Mark Jackson and supported by Sergeant Mark Beresford.  There was a briefing on the background to the changes, an emphasis that 999 still works for emergencies with a strengthened response team and 101 is the telephone number for routine matters.  They also spoke about the importance of Community Speed Watch (‘CSW) and that action is being taken against reported speeders.  A quarterly meeting is to be held for Parish Councillors and Clerks which Cllr. Sutherell will attend.


vii)       Yoxwood View – Cllr. John Sutherell reported that, following his email sent to Flagship, the traffic calming hump has been repaired and the grass has been cut.  The stones on the playing field are better but are still an ongoing issue.  Cllr. Sutherell has received a reply from Grass Solutions which gives cause for concern as the stone burying operation only works on stones of a certain size and the removal of small stones is not possible. Grass Solutions recommend ongoing regular maintenance of the grass so that it develops into a thick, healthy sward which will swamp the small stones.  The Councillors noted that it will take a long time for the sward to develop to a sufficient depth and alternative methods were discussed to provide a safe grassed playing surface.  Cllr. Sutherell also spoke to Lesley Green, the local Flagship representative and to Anthony Moore, the Development Director who was sympathetic and wishes to resolve the situation satisfactorily.
ACTION: Cllr. John Sutherell to report back to Anthony Moore and discuss the situation.


viii)       Traffic Task Group – Cllr. Paul Ashton reported that he is covering any meetings Janie McIntyre usually attends as she is unwell.  Cllr. Ian Shaw said that Community Speed Watch had recently lost two members therefore more volunteers needed to be recruited to sustain action.  Cllr. Paul Ashton replied that two more members had joined.  Cllr. John Sutherell recommended recruiting for new volunteers in the Yoxmere Fisherman and the Yoxford Yapper.
ACTION: Cllr. Paul Ashton to speak to the CSW team to arrange.

ix)        Village Survey – Cllr. Paul Ashton said that progress was ongoing.


x)         Primary School – Cllr. Russell Pearce reported that he met with Sarah Barrett, Chair of the Village Hall Committee, regarding the primary school and parking.  There is a need to raise awareness that it is the Village Hall who grant permission to parents and carers to use the carpark.   SCC are to repair the potholes and possibly extend the carpark.


b)         It was agree to postpone booking a Councillors’ tailored training course at this time as two new Parish Councillors may be co-opted shortly.
ACTION: Clerk to add to the Outstanding Actions list.


9.         Village


a)         Cllr. John Walford reported that he had received a complaint that a gravestone in the cemetery had been damaged by the contracted grass cutter’s lawnmower.  He sent an email with photographs to the grass cutter, to inform him of the damage and to ask him to send a letter of apology to the nearest relative.  There has been no response to his email nor a letter received by the relative, as yet.
ACTION: Cllr. John Walford to follow-up.


b)         Cllr. John Walford reported that a resident had contacted the Clerk about the refuse bins allocated to the cemetery.  The resident often voluntarily puts the bins out by the road on collection day and returns them to the cemetery.  She has now asked whether a formal arrangement could be put in place to attend to the movement of the bins.  Cllr. Walford said there was currently no designated responsibility for this.  He spoke to the Allotments Association and to the Yoxwood Steering Group who said that if they use the bins they will ensure that they are put out for collection and returned.  It was agreed to monitor the situation.
ACTION: Clerk to reply to the resident.


c)         It was agreed to apply for funding for a Vehicle Activated Sign from the Leiston & Sizewell Community Fund.
ACTION: Clerk to progress.

d)         It was agreed to progress the necessary repairs to the Parish Council notice board.  Cllr. Ian Shaw and Cllr. Paul Ashton were authorised to spend up to £30 on materials.  Proposed by Cllr. Val Kelsey and seconded by Cllr. Stephen Siddall.  All were in favour.

ACTION:  Cllrs. Shaw and Ashton to progress.


e)         Cllr. Ian Shaw reported that several residents had raised the issue about late night noise of music and fireworks emanating from weddings held at Sibton Park.  Cllr. Shaw met a representative of SCDC’s Environment Protection Team at a recent Greenprint Forum he attended therefore he enquired by email about the constraints applied with regard to overall volume and time limits.  The reply stated that the public must leave the wedding venue by 11:30 pm and there shall be no live or amplified music played outside the house.  It appeared these conditions are being breached and the Planning Office is looking into this.  Residents who are disturbed by noise are asked to report this to the Environment Protection Team’s out of hours service and they will attend and determine whether a statutory nuisance exists.  Sarah Barrett, Chair of the Village Hall Committee, spoke to the site manager at Sibton Park and he has agreed that all music will be played inside the building.


f)          Cllr. Ian Shaw spoke to Will Kitchener from the estate office of Heveningham Hall about the informal arrangement between the previous owner of land at Little Street and the Parish Council to allow them to site playground equipment on the land.  Cllr. Shaw said he hoped that this arrangement can continue now that the land is owned by Jon Hunt of Heveningham Hall.  Mr Kitchener replied that he will look into formalising the agreement and he has agreed to meet Cllr. Shaw on site in September.  Cllr. John Sutherell recommended that the Parish Council also speaks to Jon Hunt about the village survey and to seek his views as he has an interest in Yoxford.
ACTION: Cllr. Ian Shaw to progress.


g)         Cllr. Russell Pearce raised the issue of the overgrown hedge at Yoxford Place on Strickland Manor Hill.
ACTION: Cllr. John Sutherell agreed to contact the owner to ask him to trim the hedge.



10.       Planning Applications


a)         Planning Application DC/16/2921/TCA – to remove and prune various trees at Mulberry Park.  This application was submitted by Cllr. Ian Shaw on behalf of Yoxford Parish Council.  The application had previously been approved four years ago but expired after two years.  Cllr. John Walford proposed to support the application and Cllr. Val Kelsey seconded.  All were in favour.

b)         Planning Application DC/16/2912/TCA – to reduce by up to 20% crown of Rowan tree that overhangs roof of Upper London House.  Cllr. Ian Shaw reported that the reduction had already been carried out.  Cllr. Shaw telephoned the Planning Department who said permission had not yet been given.  It was agreed to support the application but to also formally notify the Planning Department that the work had been done prior to permission being granted.  Cllr. John Walford proposed.  Cllr. Val Kelsey seconded.  All were in favour.

ACTION: Clerk to inform Planning Department.


11.       Finance


a)         The Council noted the latest financial position detailed in Appendix II.  The Clerk informed the Council that £7,000 was to be transferred from the non-interest bearing HSBC Community Account to the NS&I Investment Account currently earning interest of 0.45%.
ACTION: Clerk to arrange transfer.


b)         The Council approved the bank reconciliation as at 30 June 2016 and it was signed by the Chair and the RFO.


c)         The Council conducted the annual review of the cemetery fees.  It was agreed that no changes were required.
ACTION: Clerk to ascertain the cost to copy and post the burial chart and add this information to the schedule of fees.


d)         The Council authorised the following payments.  Proposed by Cllr. Clive Connolly.  Seconded by Cllr. Val Kelsey.  All were in favour except for Cllr. Paul Ashton who abstained.


Details Payee Amount Power
Clerk’s   Salary Sharon   Smith £957.51 LGA   1972 s.112
Clerk’s   PAYE HMRC £239.40 LGA   1972 s.112
Clerk’s   Expenses Sharon   Smith £66.49 LGA   1972 s.111
Grass   Cutting (invoice 4026) RSC   Landscapes Ltd £600.00 LGA   1972 s.111
Public   Access Defibrillator Electricity (annual donation) Horner   Stores £30.00 LGA   1972 s.137
Recycling   Bins (annual donation) Village   Hall £150.00 LGA   1972 s.137
Speedgun   Calibration Speedar £84.60 LGA   1972 s.111
Postage   for Speedgun Calibration Paul   Ashton £12.98 LGA   1972 s.111


12.       Correspondence


The Councillors noted the correspondence received between 30th June 2016 and 30th July 2016, detailed in Appendix III.   Cllr. Val Kelsey said she had forwarded the information about the temporary road closure to the editors of the Yoxford Yapper.


13.       Questions to the Chair


a)         Cllr. John Sutherell asked whether there had been any interest in the two vacancies for Parish Councillors.  It was agreed to continue to advertise in the Yoxmere Fisherman and the Yoxford Yapper and to spread the word informally.  The Clerk noted that the vacancies had not been advertised in the latest edition of the Yoxmere Fisherman.
ACTION: Clerk to ensure advertisement is in the Yoxmere Fisherman this month.


14.       Date and Time of Next Meeting


The date and time of the next meeting of the Parish Council is scheduled for Thursday 1st September 2016 at 7:00 pm.


The meeting closed at 9:02 pm.



Appendix I – Outstanding Actions


Meeting   Date

Item Ref




07/04/16 7b Research costs for a memorial plaque for Hope   House orphans. Cllr. John Walford Ongoing.
07/07/16  5b Add Cllr. Val Kelsey to bank signatories. Clerk Ongoing.
07/07/16  7a Research costs for a playpark sign. Clerk Ongoing.
07/07/16 8b Arrange transfer of funds from HSBC to   NS&I. Clerk Ongoing.





Appendix II – Financial Position 

Bank Balances
HSBC Community Account as at 8 July 2016


N S & I Investment Account as at 8 July 2016


United Trust Bank as at 8 July 2016



Allocated Funds and Reserves
SMH Play Area (including interest to 31 Mar 2016)


Vehicle Activated Sign





Bank Balances less Allocated Funds and Reserves


Income – July 2016
United Trust Bank interest to 30 June 2016


Cemetery – Memorial Headstone



Payments – July/August 2016
Clerk’s Salary


Clerk’s PAYE


Clerk’s Expenses


RSC Landscapes – Grass Cutting


PAD Electricity Donation


Village Hall Recycling Bins Donation


Speedgun Calibration


Postage for Speedgun Calibration


Yoxwood Insurance



Net Balance















Appendix III – Correspondence

a)         EDF – Hinkley Point C Conclusion of the consultation with the EDF Works Council.
b)         SC&WDC – Neighbourhood Planning Event – 7th September 2016.
c)         EDF – Sizewell C – June 2016 Update.
d)         SC&WDC – Wi-Fi Map.
e)         Suffolk Constabulary – Police Locality Meeting planned for your area – 21st July 2016.
f)          SC&WDC – Community Enabling Roadshow Events – 19th & 25th July 2016.
g)         SALC – The Upper Orwell Crossings consultation – ends 12th August 2016.
h)         Norfolk & Suffolk Devolution Consultation – ends 23rd August 2016.
i)          East Suffolk DC – Community Emergency Planning Newsletter – June 2016.
j)          SCC – B1122 Accent Report – East Anglian press cutting.
k)         SALC/SCC – Norfolk & Suffolk Devolution Presentations – during August 2016.
l)          Suffolk Highways – Highways Matters Newsletter – July 2016.
m)        SALC – Free rock salt from B&Q Ipswich.
n)         SCC – Notification of Temporary Road Closure – A12/Yoxford – 16th – 18th September 2016.
o))        EDF – Sizewell B – June 2016 Newsletter.
p)         EDF – Press Release – EDF’s Board of Directors approves FID for HPC.
q)         EDF – Sizewell C July Update – Important Nuclear New Build News.
r)          East Suffolk DC – UK Power Networks ‘105’ Emergency Phone Number.

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