Parish Council Meeting June 2012



In the absence of Cllr N Kerridge, Vice-Chair Cllr J Childs stood as Chair.


1)                   TIME FOR THE PUBLIC TO SPEAK

County Councillor Rae Leighton:

The County Councillor spoke about the Free School in Saxmundham which now looks almost certain to go ahead and the implications of this change. He said that this will draw away pupils from local High Schools with Leiston High (Alde Valley) losing perhaps 150+. He felt that a smaller school would offer a limited amount of subjects as they would be unable to employ as many staff. Free Schools are under the same legislative Act as state Schools and will still have to provide School transport. He asked that any concerned parents be put in touch with him.


District Councillor Barry Slater:

The District Councillor said he was pleased to see two Councillor’s from Yoxford at the recent Sizewell meeting in Snape. He had noticed that there was a low attendance from Parish Councils. The Clerk pointed out that she not received notification of this meeting and had considerable difficulty obtaining the details and had in the end been given the correct contact from Tom McGarry from EDF energy. The purpose of this meeting was to discuss procedures before taking the application for the new Sizewell to Planning and to discuss the effects to the Community of the new build. There will be workshops to discuss these matters further and an opportunity to comment on the Consultation.


PCSO Jamie Newson: report read out by the Clerk in the absence of PCSO Jamie Newson

There have been 9 recorded crimes in the Yoxford Parish for the months of April & May 2012 they are:

Minor wound without intent

Burglary dwelling

Theft from motor vehicle

Fraud by misrepresentation


Criminal damage other (two crimes)

Burglary other building

Criminal damage to motor vehicle

There is a single priority for Saxmundham & Framlingham Safer Neighbourhood Team which is anti-social behaviour in Saxmundham.

The next Safer Neighbourhood team tasking & public meeting is due to be held be held on Wednesday 13th June 2012 from 2-4pm at Market Hall in Saxmundham


2)                   ATTENDANCE AND APOLOGIES


Cllr J Childs, Cllr R Pearce, Cllr M Hooper, Cllr D Childs, Cllr T Middleditch, Cllr E Draper,

Cllr J McIntyre, Cllr J Easton, C/Cllr Rae Leighton, D/Cllr Barry Slater and Mrs S Barker (Clerk)


Apologies: Cllr N Kerridge, Cllr C Connolly, Cllr J Berry and PCSO Jamie Newson. Apologies were given by C/Cllr Rae Leighton for his early departure.


3)                   MINUTES OF THE LAST MEETING (AGM) HELD 3rd MAY 2012

Proposal: to approve minutes of the last having been circulated to all Councillors with the following amendment: item 11h ‘45MPH’ changed to ‘39’.

Proposed:  Cllr R Pearce                       Seconded:  Cllr D Childs                       All present in favour


4)                   MATTERS ARISING FROM ITEM 3: There were none


5)                   CLERKS REPORT

The Order to reduce the size of the Parish Council from 13 to 11 has been received from Hilary Slater (SCDC). Our thanks go to D/Cllr Barry Slater for his assistance in this matter.


A letter was written to Roger Pearce to accept his quote for renovating the Fingerpost in the Churchyard.


A letter was emailed to Dr M Lynch c/o his estate manager giving the Parish Councils permission

to add a spur to the Cemetery water supply to fill animal troughs as previously agreed with the Parish Council on 12th March 2009. The spur will be added to the Cemetery side of the Lych gate.

A letter was emailed to the Allotment Group to say that the Parish Council are disappointed with the attitude shown in their letter considering the assistance that has been given to them by the PC and that the water supply to the Cemetery is controlled by the Parish Council. A reply was received from the Allotment group retracting their earlier letter but with further points to clarify.

Councillors discussed this further and agreed that a letter should be written to the Allotment Group to clarify

responsibility for the pipe.

Councillors agreed that the Parish Council should be responsible for the pipe from the Cemetery Gates to the Lych Gate, Allotments from the Lych gate to the allotment tap and Dr M Lynch up to the new spur that he has added at the Lych gate. Clerk also to reply that the new spur should not affect the water supply to any noticeable extent and that Dr M Lynch had no knowledge of the additional tap and pipe added last year by the Allotments.


A letter of thanks was sent to John Barrett and Bob Pendered for their quotes for a commemorative bench.


A Purchase Order was emailed to Glasdon for a Stanford Bench at a cost of £826.97 +VAT. The Invoice and bench has since been received.


A letter was sent to the owners of 1& 2 Evergreens on Brook Street to request that they cut back the hedge that fronts on to the A12. A letter was initially sent in error to Tom Lankester with regard to one of the hedges, the Clerk has since apologised in writing.


The Clerk contacted the Churchwarden to ask their opinion of and permission to remove/ reduce trees in Mulberry Park. A verbal reply was received to say that they are fine with whatever the Parish Council feel needs doing.


The Clerk also asked the Churchwarden to clarify ownership of the area at the back of the shop and in front of and to the right of the noticeboard. Verbal reply received to say all 3 areas are part of Mulberry Park and that the area that the portacabin stands on is also part of the Park. The Clerk asked if they could confirm this in writing.

A letter was sent to the Garden House (bric-a-brac shop) to ask them to keep the front clear and the back area free of dangerous refuse.


Mulberry ParkNew play equipment:

A Play Space funds application form was requested from SCDC which has since been completed and returned initially for the equipment only after conferring with the Chair. There is no legal requirement to install a safety surface due to the low height and also the equipment will need to be installed first. The equipment is not yet ordered as we are awaiting confirmation from SCDC that the funds can be drawn down. A pro-former invoice for a Woodlander Solo G (£3,563+VAT incl. installation) was requested and received. We are to phone to confirm the order when funds have been received. Lead time for delivery and installation is around 3 weeks (Playspace funds available = £4,748.52).


6)                   CORRESPONDENCE

a)                   Meetings and Events:

Coastal Erosion & Climate Change. Happisburgh Village Hall at 7pm Thursday 14th June.  Poster

Sandlings Safer Cycling Campaign. Long Shop Museum, Leiston at 7.30pm Thursday 14th June.

Suffolk Preservation Society AGM. 6pm for 6.30 start at Haughley Park Barn Thursday 14th June.

Greenprint Events: 7th June CEAF event postponed. 6pm Mon 18th June- Parham Composting facility. ‘Talking Rubbish’ 4.30pm at Great Blakenham.

Annual Joint Town Parish Clerk Liaison Meeting. 10am Fri 27th July Saxmundham Market Hall


b)                  Within Village:

A complaint has been received about the length of the grass in the Cemetery. The Clerk has spoken to the contractor to ask if he can cut closer to the hedges and to see if he can bring the next cut forward. Reply received and read out to say that he was unable to bring the cut forward but he could understand our concerns having viewed the site again. The Clerk noted that the wet and warm weather had created an exceptional level of growth.


Reports have been received of a loud and late party, believed to be the property in Meadowlands Close whose land backs onto Field End in Little Street. No further problems have been noted. Councillors noted that the matter had already been reported independently of the Parish Council and was being monitored by Environmental Health.


Hopkins Homes: A letter of thanks has been received, the Clerk replied in acknowledgement and to clarify the issues raised by the Parish Council at the last PC meeting: 1) Overcrowding. 2) Protection of areas of Woodland. 3) Access. The Clerk has spoken to two residents who requested information regarding this development and has assured them that the Public meeting mentioned by Chris Smith (Hopkins) will be advertised widely and the layout plan will be displayed in the Village Hall. The email was circulated for Councillor Comment during the meeting and the Clerk will forward any comments.


An email has been received regarding the possible closure of the Post Office to say that the Post Office can’t be kept open from the Post Office income alone and will almost certainly close at the end of the Summer unless the Café is supported. Councillors noted that the Post Office had lost some of its services such as car tax and had survived before however the previous attempt to run a Café had not been successful. The loss of the Post Office is a serious matter and with reduced payments from the Post Office it may be difficult to find another tenant although with current high

employment and high redundancies it might be possible. Clerk to write expressing concern at the loss of the Post Office and to suggest that the current tenants consider diversifying into other areas such as stationary or other products that are not available in the Village.


An email was received from the Suffolk Magazine requesting a quote saying why we feel Yoxford should win the Village of the Year. The Clerk has emailed the Bowls Club for their suggestions. Councillors discussed and suggested the following be included: Garden of Suffolk, diverse Community, many Village Groups and residents working together for the Jubilee Event. Clerk to forward to the Bowls Club for their consideration in their reply to the Suffolk Magazine.


A copy of a letter has been received that has been sent to the owners of Rookery Park regarding the condition of Love Lane following recent fencing works asking that the lane been restored to its former condition.


A letter of thanks was received from Joan Steel on behalf of the Jubilee Event organisation Team. There is a book for visitors to sign which will be available in the Church for a month if anyone wishes to add any positive comments regarding Yoxford Jubilee Events, past and present.


A letter of thanks from the Bowls Club was extended for the funding received via the Parish Council from the SCDC Sport’s and Play Scheme. They also gave an update on equipment still required and their Tournament in May had raised £570. The Bowls Club are meeting with Karen Cook SCDC on June 14th with regard to the Village of the Year competition and judging will be on Monday 18th June.


c)                   Other:

Invitation to visit Radio Castle in Framlingham. Councillors noted that this was an Internet Station and would therefore probably reach a younger audience. Councillors declined the invitation, Clerk to reply to thank them.


SALC: New Code of Conduct Regulations will come in to force around July. The Parish Council will be required to adopt the new model. The new regulations will be circulated to Councillors in order that they can be adopted at the next meeting.


SALC: Concern has been raised over the lack of balance within the planning system as developers can appeal can appeal local planning authority decisions but local councils can’t. SALC has progressed an Early Day Motion tabled in Parliament with nearly 60 MPs as signatories and asks that we also support the motion by writing to Peter Aldous MP. The District Councillor explained that currently only the applicant can appeal a Planning decision and whilst not unreasonable to allow other parties to have a right of reply it would be difficult to draw the line as to who should and should not be able to appeal, it will increase costs and will probably create delays. After discussion Councillors agreed not to support the Motion.


Suffolk Waste Partnership: New trial textile kerbside recycling scheme. Circulate to Councillors.


Suffolk Coastal & Waveney District Council: details of Planning merger and new contacts received. Circulate to Councillors.


7)                   PLANNING

Further to complaints received regarding changes made without planning consent to 1, Culcott Close and Sunnyside, High Road. Both issues were reported to Planning enforcement.

Jim Selby-SCDC replied with regard to Homeland, to say that the matter has been logged onto the enforcement team’s computer records for investigation and we will be kept updated as to the progress on the case however nothing has yet been received with regard to 1, Culcott Close.

Clerk to request an update on I Culcott Close.


New applications

Councillors had viewed the plans for both applications prior to start of the meeting.


C12/1044. St Peters Church, High Street. Erection of new ramp access.

Councillors discussed and felt the ramp was needed as currently the only disabled access is to the rear of the building.

Proposal: To ‘Support’ this application.

Proposed: Cllr J McIntyre          Seconded: Cllr D Childs            All present in favour.



C12/1076. Rookery Park, Middleton Road. Change of use from staff flat to holiday accommodation.

Councillors discussed and noted that there were no intrinsic changes to the property and as such a change of use to a Holiday let would be a positive move.

Proposal: To ‘Support’ this application.

Proposed: Cllr JR Pearce          Seconded: Cllr E Draper            All present in favour.



C11/2672. Angel House, High Street, IP17 3EP. Erection of cart lodge. Previous representations can be withdrawn however there will be no opportunity to make further representations. Councillors chose to let their original representation stand.


Decision Notices

C12/0494 Land at Rookery Park, Middleton Road. Construction of a lake in Parkland to the north of the main property. SCDC: 15th May 2012. Permission granted with 3 conditions.


8)         FINANCE (Including end of Year Accounts)

a) Finance report:

Awaiting confirmation of closure of the Barclays current account (16.01.12) and change to the signatories to the NS&I account. Forms completed and returned 09.05.12


The Cambridge Building Society Bond (£5,000 + interest) matured on the 31st May 2012 and has been temporarily placed in an Instant Access account.

Councillors discussed the options available and reviewed the funds available and agreed to move the matured funds (£5,000+ interest) to a 1 year Cambridge Building Society bond at 2.85%.

Proposal: To transfer matured funds (£5,000+ interest) to a 1 year Cambridge Building Society bond.

Proposed: Cllr R Pearce            Seconded: Cllr J Easton            All present in favour.


b) Income received: Authorisation form returned to Valerie Leverett with an Invoice for £40 to remove and replace headstone, a copy of burial fees and a further request to update the Clerk’s details. Payment of £40 has now been received.

Awaiting payment of £150 from Tony Browns in respect of interment of Mrs B Baughan whose funeral was today, the 7th June 2012.


c) End of Year Accounts:

Internal Controls have been completed. An error was traced on the Clerks Expense’s resulting in an overpayment of £53.50. After a brief discussion Councillors agreed that the Clerk would repay the funds, by cheque in order that the transaction would be recorded clearly in the accounts.                                           All present in favour.

The Internal Audit has been completed and everything is fine except for the end of year Bank Reconciliation, the Internal Auditor felt that the External Auditor would not accept this without an opening and closing balance and recommended these be re-worked in-line with last years – this has now been changed and signed off by the Chair.

The Internal Auditor felt that the Internal Controls need not be completed to the degree they are currently and suggested that we just check the cheque book against invoices, PAYE contributions and perhaps to check the large payment transfers between accounts, bonds etc. The Bank Reconciliation should highlight any other problems. He pointed out that the Bank Reconciliation and on-going budget should be taken to Full Council regularly (quarterly is ok, but no less). He also noted that ‘Risk of Falling trees’ should be added to Risk Register.

The following end of year documents have been checked and signed off by Cllr E Draper and/or the Chair:          Cashbook / Bank Reconciliation: / Income & Expenditure / Significant Variances. All Councillors had previously been supplied with a copy of the cashbook to view. Cllr J McIntyre commented that whilst she did not entirely understand the accounts was satisfied that they are in good order as there had been thorough checks made by Cllr N Kerridge, Cllr E Draper and the Internal Auditor, Richard Riddler.

Proposal: To approve the end of year accounts.

Proposed Cllr J McIntyre           Seconded: Cllr R Pearce                        All present in favour.


Annual Audit – Section 2 was read out, agreed with Councillors and completed and signed by the Chair and the Clerk.

Proposal: to approve Section 2. Proposed: Cllr R Pearce           Seconded: D Childs   All present in favour.


Proposal: to approve end of year Audit Form:

Proposed: Cllr J Easton            Seconded: Cllr T Middleditch     All present in favour.

Annual Audit – Section 1 – was duly signed by the Clerk and the Chair.




9)                AGENDA ITEMS



Cllr J McIntyre apologised for the spelling errors in the report following the last meeting as she had circulated in error the copy that had not been proof read. The next Task Group meeting will be at 7pm on Thursday 19th July in the Kings Head. A draft action plan will be formed from comments made at the last Meeting when Guy McGregor SCC was in attendance. Two new Speed Watch volunteers have been verified. Two Speed Watch sites: Little Street and Strickland Manor are currently comprised by the road-works on Little Street. Of the four sites monitored Middleton Road has the highest incidence of speeding.



Jubilee Bench: Cllr D Childs said that he hoped to install this next week, he had hoped to install it sooner however both he and his family had been unwell.

Marriot Bench: The middle slat in the seat needs a repair. Cllr E Draper asked if it was possible to grade in a piece rather than replace the whole slat. Clerk to contact J.A.K Furniture Services to see if they could give a quote for doing this.

Play-ground inspection: Little Street play area is due to be inspected. After discussion Councillors agreed to use Digley Associates. Clerk to book the inspection.


The report compiled by Cllr T Middleditch, on speeding on Middleton Road and in support of the PC’s application to relocate the 30MPH signs to the position of the 40mph signs east of the level crossing has been sent to David Chenery (Highways). No further response yet received.


Highways reported but awaiting a response:

The kerb that extends too far into the Village Hall driveway.

Outside Yoxford Place/ S M Hill. Overgrown, soil from road excavations etc.

Councillor’s agreed not to follow these up yet as someone had been seen inspecting S M hill presumably to assess the work that is required.


There were no new Highways matters to report.


9d – Suffolk Coastal District Council including Scrutiny of Housing Provision

Housing Scrutiny: A request for input from Councillors was circulated for Councillors to comment on.

No Councillor has made any comments. A further letter has been received outlining Committee recommendations. The Clerk asked if they would like to send a response. Councillors declined.



Strickland Manor Hill/Meadowlands: Clarke & Simpson replied to say that a purchase is unlikely but that he will ask landowner. No further reply has yet been received from the agents. Clerk to follow up.


Old High Road: Councillors viewed a plan compiled by Cllr R Pearce with possible layout options for the area beyond the Cricket Pitch. It was felt that if available, this piece of land would be ideal, there are plenty of trees and there will still be space for fields beyond the area. Mr St Ledger-Moore is awaiting feedback from the Parish Council on this matter. Clerk to send the plan with a covering letter outlining the aims of the Parish Council. It would be good if the PC could also purchase the Cricket pitch and Bowls Club in order to safeguard it for future use. The District Councillor felt there would no problem with acquiring planning for a Community Building here.

Councillors asked how much this was likely to cost, Cllr R Pearce pointed out that agricultural land costs

£6-7000 per acre but this was based on purchasing a large acreage and costs are higher for a smaller plot.

The District Councillor pointed out that when SCDC are deciding Site Specific housing allocations the Parish Council could argue that the Cricket pitch and Bowls Club need to stay outside of the Village envelope.


Motion: to extend the meeting to 9.25pm             all present in favour.                   Motion carried.



Boundary responsibility – No further response received.

New street name –Flagship and the District Council have confirmed Yoxwood View as the name for development and a Draft order has been received with the name and property numbers. Tbc.

Commuted Sum – The Clerk spoke to Carla Beckett from Flagship and reminded her that although we have our notes from the meeting we have not yet received a written proposal regarding the commuted sum.

Flagship Garages in Elmsley Way – follow up letter authorised and sent 05.09.11 – Acknowledgement received. Awaiting further reply. Clerk to follow this up.



The Bowls Club have now received the Super Turfman Aerator. The Clerk has enquired as to whether the Bowls Club Insurance covers the new equipment adequately, Mrs J Child’s believed that it does but has agreed to check and forward confirmation in writing.


A complaint was received from a resident in the Old High Road regarding the Bowls Club driving on the footpath in order to park cars on an area in front of the Bowls Pavilion. The main concern was vehicles driving along the footpath. The resident had also spoken to the District Councillor who has looked at a previous planning application made by the Bowls Club for vehicular access, this application had been refused. Councillors discussed and agreed that the Clerk is to write to the Bowls Club pointing out that there is no vehicular right of way over the footpath and they may be contravening planning.Copy to be sent to the resident.



Bowls Club and Village Hall Roof: Councillors discussed and decided against any further funding. Clerk to write to both groups to say that no funds are available as the remaining Parish Council funds are required for other projects.


Primary School:

Request for PC to pay for a Lifeguard in order to open the pool to the Public. Clerk to contact the School and point out that we are still awaiting details of costs for this and the matter can’t be discussed further until these details are received.




An Invoice has been received from Zen Internet but not a receipt, this Invoice has already been paid.


Payments to authorise:

Re-imburse Beryl Smallshaw- for Jubilee event expenses                        74.15

Re-imburse J Berry for Jubilee event expenses                                       60.00

(expenses paid out to Lyn Wheeler by J Berry)

Re-imburse Joan Steel – for Jubilee event expenses                                40.79

Re-imburse Elizabeth Pegg – for Jubilee event expenses                         9.99

Re-imburse Nancy Main – for Jubilee event expenses                              71.04

S Barker Clerk’s expenses for May 2012                                                 40.44

Euroffice – ink & stationary                                                                    49.03 (incl. VAT of 8.14)

Glasdon Manufacturing Ltd – Stanford Seat                                           992.36 (incl. VAT of 165.39)

Jim’s Mowing – 1st cut Mulberry Park & 2nd cut Little St.                           80.00

Roger Pearce – Renovation of Fingerpost in Churchyard                         170.00

RSC Landscapes – 1st Cut Cemetery – April                                            141.60 (incl VAT of 23.60)

RSC Landscapes – 2nd Cut Cemetery – May                                          141.60 (incl VAT of 23.60)


S Barker Clerk’s salary 3mths til June 31st 2012                                       800.35

HM Revenue & Customs- deductions for April/ May/ June 2012               200.00


Proposal: To authorise all payments en bloc.

Proposed: Cllr D Childs Seconded: Cllr R Pearce                        All present in favour.



  1. 11.               QUESTIONS TO THE CHAIRMAN

A Councillor asked if anyone had any knowledge of when the road-works at Little Street would be finished. Cllr J Childs said that he believed that these works will soon be moved to Donkey Meadow when the traffic lights will be removed.


Meeting closed 9.15pm.




  1. 12.               DATE OF NEXT MEETING – THURSDAY 5TH JULY 2012







As approved at Full Council on Thursday 5th July 2012

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